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Message From: Kathy September 5, 2022
So glad you're around to speak up for these dogs.

Message From: Bekett September 4, 2022
I've loved these kind of Hairless fur babies from afar for years

Message From: Leslie August 25, 2022
Bless every single hair on there head

Message From: Alex and Victor July 9, 2022
Hello! Thank you for rescuing these cute pups!

Message From: Theresa Clingerman July 8, 2022
I just adopted a Chinese Crested from a pet rescue. Absolutely beautiful.

Message From: Anne June 27, 2022
Our ccpp had to be put to sleep due to heart condition/old age. He was a rescue. It’s him so much. I am widowed now & would love another powder puff

Message From: Linda June 22, 2022
looking for a cc to adopt

Message From: Tina April 23, 2022
Love Cresteds

Message From: George April 16, 2022
We had to put down our Chinese Crested Powderpuff rescue in Dec. She was a wonderful dog. We’re interested in rescuing another.

Message From: Vicki Berger February 11, 2022
Love this site and your dogs...I wish I could adopt all of them...

Message From: Paula January 29, 2022
We were so fortunate to have adopted our dear spunky Wilder- a chinese crested mix. I hope more people will adopt and support rescue groups like BarePawsRescue. Until there are no homeless animals in need of a loving home, please adopt (and in my opinion as well as many others’, do not buy from & support any type of breeder (even well meaning families, etc.).

Message From: Dawn Downing January 3, 2022
Looking to adopt a hairless Chinese Crested. Lost mine to cancer two years ago. I live in RI.

Message From: Ron Miller December 9, 2021
I adopted a dog from you last year his name was Kai these days he goes by Kylo…. One of the best things I’ve done was adopting him…. He is such a good boy

Message From: Lolita November 3, 2021
Still loving your work after all these years.

Message From: Jouta the crested September 2, 2021
Hello, I'm a crested mom looking at your cute goods.

Message From: Beverly May 17, 2021
I just recently lost my female Chinese crested. I found out from previous owner she was 17. I had her for 10-15yrs.. I am so lonely without her. She was like my children were always at my side. I refuse to buy a fur baby because of thehorror stories.

Message From: Brenda Albert May 7, 2021
Thank you for all you do. One day I hope to be blessed eith one of these sweet pups.

Message From: Rhonda April 7, 2021
Love what you do. I've ordered from your website for almost 10 years, and love what you do for these beautiful Cresteds. I wish I could adopt from your site, but live in the midwest. I dearly love my Chinese Crested, Libby. She gets ALL of her clothes from you, has quite a wardrobe, and looks lovely in all of them. Keep up your great work!!!

Message From: Kristin April 1, 2021
love what you guys do here!