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Message From: Michelle Peterson April 9, 2024
So excited to be part of this group

Message From: Jan March 23, 2024
That photo reminds me of a Rabbi I knew..... Just browsing.I have a Crested.

Message From: Michelle March 16, 2024
I have a 15 year old male powder puff. Love CCs

Message From: Cocoa B January 25, 2024
Hi, I'm looking to adopt an adult.

Message From: Jacqueline Leas January 5, 2024
Lost my Leo after 16 wonderful years with him. Missing him so.

Message From: Debra mignery December 5, 2023
Just checking if you have any dogs for foster or adopt. I lost my Chinese crested 3 weeks ago. And we miss him so much. Would like to find another thank you.debrs

Message From: Dorothy Buckle November 22, 2023
Looking at Cocoa on Petfinder

Message From: Jim September 13, 2023
we lost our CC in August 2023, She was the best , we miss her so much.

Message From: Tony Asaro August 23, 2023
We surrendered to BarePawsRescue our recently adopted 6 month old Chinese Crested Powder Puff after an unexpected lifestyle change. I want to personally thank you for your incredibly prompt and responsive approach to this difficult but hopefully successful situation. We have left your Rescue a monetary donation through PayPal on your website. In addition, I wanted to let anyone else out there know that this website will help you if you have a small dog that you can’t care for anymore. Email them and they will help. As much as we didn’t want to do this, this was the best alternative and it was a rare occasion when I received genuine help. Good Luck and Godspeed Tony Asaro

Message From: Annalee Dolls August 9, 2023
A donation is given in honor of Pixie Peekytoes and her owner Sue Hankard! From All the Elves at Annalee Dolls.

Message From: Bridget June 17, 2023
I love the unique hairless I live in St. Petersburg, FL. Is there a rescue closer to me ?

Message From: Sue June 7, 2023
After loosing our first rescue Crested to heart failure, we adopted another little girl in June of 21. Lola was almost 1 and a half when we got her. I love her, but she has real trust issues and immediately became my husband's dog. In October we got a retired show dog, Lucy, from a friend to help her build trust. Unfortunately, we lost Lucy to kidney failure in November. Lola was finally becoming friends with me. She trusts me to some degree now. We are hoping to rescue another little girl to help with her confidence level. Cresteds are such sweet and fun little dogs, but can definitely have their problems. I raised and showed another breed for 30 years and never had these issues. They just became too large for me to handle. I love the Cresteds and will not give up on them.

Message From: Meredith May 29, 2023
I love Chinese cresteds one day I will get one lol

Message From: Sandra B April 24, 2023
My husband and I had the honor to foster a CC hospice dog until she passed. Now we are looking to adopt a rescue. Hopefully we will find one.

Message From: Fay Pankratz January 21, 2023
We very recently lost the first Chinese Crested we adopted, our Olivia. My current Crested, Sochi, misses her so much. I know it's soon but I have to look.

Message From: Kathy September 5, 2022
So glad you're around to speak up for these dogs.

Message From: Bekett September 4, 2022
I've loved these kind of Hairless fur babies from afar for years

Message From: Leslie August 25, 2022
Bless every single hair on there head

Message From: Alex and Victor July 9, 2022
Hello! Thank you for rescuing these cute pups!

Message From: Theresa Clingerman July 8, 2022
I just adopted a Chinese Crested from a pet rescue. Absolutely beautiful.

Message From: Anne June 27, 2022
Our ccpp had to be put to sleep due to heart condition/old age. He was a rescue. It’s him so much. I am widowed now & would love another powder puff

Message From: Linda June 22, 2022
looking for a cc to adopt

Message From: Tina April 23, 2022
Love Cresteds

Message From: George April 16, 2022
We had to put down our Chinese Crested Powderpuff rescue in Dec. She was a wonderful dog. We’re interested in rescuing another.

Message From: Vicki Berger February 11, 2022
Love this site and your dogs...I wish I could adopt all of them...

Message From: Paula January 29, 2022
We were so fortunate to have adopted our dear spunky Wilder- a chinese crested mix. I hope more people will adopt and support rescue groups like BarePawsRescue. Until there are no homeless animals in need of a loving home, please adopt (and in my opinion as well as many others’, do not buy from & support any type of breeder (even well meaning families, etc.).

Message From: Dawn Downing January 3, 2022
Looking to adopt a hairless Chinese Crested. Lost mine to cancer two years ago. I live in RI.

Message From: Ron Miller December 9, 2021
I adopted a dog from you last year his name was Kai these days he goes by Kylo…. One of the best things I’ve done was adopting him…. He is such a good boy

Message From: Lolita November 3, 2021
Still loving your work after all these years.

Message From: Jouta the crested September 2, 2021
Hello, I'm a crested mom looking at your cute goods.

Message From: Beverly May 17, 2021
I just recently lost my female Chinese crested. I found out from previous owner she was 17. I had her for 10-15yrs.. I am so lonely without her. She was like my children were always at my side. I refuse to buy a fur baby because of thehorror stories.

Message From: Brenda Albert May 7, 2021
Thank you for all you do. One day I hope to be blessed eith one of these sweet pups.

Message From: Rhonda April 7, 2021
Love what you do. I've ordered from your website for almost 10 years, and love what you do for these beautiful Cresteds. I wish I could adopt from your site, but live in the midwest. I dearly love my Chinese Crested, Libby. She gets ALL of her clothes from you, has quite a wardrobe, and looks lovely in all of them. Keep up your great work!!!

Message From: Kristin April 1, 2021
love what you guys do here!