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Guestbook (continued)

Stephanie Jayne
Knoxville, TN
Two years ago I adopted Oliver who was 1, now a 3-year old
Powderpuff Chinese Crested.  He was taken from a puppy mill just
in the nick of time since he was supposed to be a "breeder".  It
didn't take much to turn him around - put a couple pounds on him.  
Shear off his dreadlocks and start over with grooming.  He's smart
and SO lovely and my BEST friend.  I spoil him because he
deserves it.  I LOVE your PJ's -the whole website is inspirational.  
Thank you!

Jeri Dudley
Jamaica Plain, MA
I recently adopted a 5 yo female cressy,
she is so sweet, I never knew much about the breed, but I am
finding out just how wonderful they are.

Leslie, Arkansas
I love your site!!  I am a Crested owner and lover and am
impressed with what you are doing!  Thank you!
Creston, IA
I have two of these beauties and wish there were more in my
area.  Even the rescues are so far it isn't practical to adopt.  I
would love to add #3 if I can find a little pink, spotty or white
hairless girl in my area!

Powder Springs, GA
My mother, who lives in Chattanooga, TN, has been looking for a
campanion for her 2.5 yr old powder puff. She has fell in love with
the breed and would love to adopt another one.  It has been quite
difficult to find adoptable cresteds in her area. We have found that
rescues typically want to adopt out close to their own area.  Any
animal would be darn lucky to have her as a forever mom!  A
playful,  young, non-pp would be preferable.  She has a fenced
lawn and no small children or other pets besides her pp Mei Ling.  
Any help or suggestion that you could provide will be greatly

New Zealand
Hi! What great work you do. I have two beautiful Crested crosses
whom I adore. They are such a charming and loving breed. It
saddens me that there are so many neglected and abused
Cresteds. Best wishes from NZ.

Josephine Stevens
Farmington, ME
This rescue group are angels for these beautiful dogs. I hope to
adopt a small dog in the near future, and I will consider one from

Apache Junction, AZ
Past breeder of Chinese Cresteds-they are the best!

Felicia Pierce
La Grande, OR
What you do is so great! I praise God for the work he has helped
you accomplish, and wish all the dogs in this program get adopted
into good homes.

Jeanne Parham
Phoenix, AZ
My family owns Chinese Cresteds-3 siblings from a mother
rescued from a puppy mill in FL. Just moved to Arizona and have
lost our male, Moe, to a liver condition.  We love this breed and
are interested in adoption.

John Beltram
Queens, NY
I had a Chinese Crested puppy for two and a half months.  He died
today at the vet being neutered-he was 6 months old. He was very
lovable and I loved him. I like the breed and have a big hole in my
heart to fill.

Brooke Reynolds
Ashford, CT
They are the most cutest things that you can think of.  If my family
is lucky we might be getting our little Lexy in two weeks.  She is so
cute that you just want to meet her.

Major Ma
Brisbane Queensland
I have a 7mth old Chinese Crested [Sassy] who I rescued after she
was abandoned. She quickly became best friends with my 4yo Rotti
girl [Shah] who has now taught her everything. They are
inseparable and very protective of each other also of me. I never
considered that I would ever have or even want a CC, yet now that
I have been given the opportunity to own one, I can't imagine life
without my darlings, either of them.  Cheers Ma..

Hi I would love to foster any of these little guys. I have always
been a dog lover had dogs growing up and would really love to
help these little guys.

Betty Deneen
Abilene, TX
I just wanted to tell you how much respect I have for you and what
you do. I took in a crested about 5 months ago, and have been
through $1500 in vet bills in this short time (as Sue knows).   I also
wanted to add, that your PJ's are amazing, and they are now the
ONLY clothing that goes on my baby girl.
God bless y'all !!!

Andrew McLachlan
We took in a hairy hairless who's owner passed away about 3
months ago. Norman is 4 and the most adorable thing on the
planet. He is curled up on one side of me now. He has settled right
in with our 7 year old Weimaraner and leads the charge to the
door. Norman goes everywhere including my office and our
business. I adore this little guy and the breed!! Keep up the great

Jodi Shostak & Harlee
Just happened to stumble on your site. I adopted my little girl 3
years ago and wouldn't trade her for the world! You don't find
many Cresteds in Wisconsin either. Looking forward to checking
out your jammies when in stock, as she goes thru them. Keep up
the great work!

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