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Help Our Special Needs Pups


Bare Paws Rescue takes in every dog for which we have foster home space, regardless of what medical needs they may
have. Our adoption fees do not come close to covering the costs of veterinary care for the dogs that we take in. Even the
healthiest of dogs require a great deal of vet care before they are ready for adoption-routine vaccinations, exams, heartworm and fecal testing, heartworm preventative and other routine care add up very quickly.  But we also have our special needs pups, the ones who need costly heart medication, or daily insulin, or surgery to remove an eye or repair their ear canals (that surgery alone is nearly $5000 and we did 2 of them last year alone!).

The dogs below are our current special needs fosters.  Their ongoing care requires a lot of rescue funds, so any help that we can
get for them is greatly appreciated!  If you would like to sponsor one of them, please use the PayPal button to make a donation.
Donations may also be mailed to PO Box 7193, Gilford, NH 03247.  We are deeply grateful for any help these wonderful little
dogs receive.



Sam came to us from a shelter where he was brought when his family no longer wanted him. The shelter felt he would
not survive the weekend and didn't want him to die there, so they asked us to take him home.  Our foster parent picked him up
and spent the weekend carefully and gently grooming his filthy, matted coated. She gave him lots of love and affection as he
settled into his new surroundings. We got him to the vet and found he had a variety of health issues, but all could be
managed.  He has heart disease that requires daily medications, and dry eye which requires daily drops. Due to his
age and required care, Sam was sadly not successful in  finding his forever home. One couple even told us after
meeting him that they were no longer interested in him! Since his foster mom loves him and we are thrilled that he is
doing so well, we decided that Sam would be a permanent foster with our group.  Here he is, a whole year later, healthy
and extremely happy!  His daily medications cost quite a lot of money but we are happy to provide him with everything he needs
for the rest of his life. Just look at that smile!



Darling little Chance recently joined Bare Paws after being rescued from an outbuilding in North Carolina. 
His hind legs were paralyzed as a young puppy when he was thrown from a moving vehicle.  It doesn't
slow him down at all, though!  This little boy is joyful and just all-around amazing.  He was in rough shape
when he came in.  In addition to all the routine vet care he needed, as he wasn't up to date on anything,
his teeth were rotting.  He had a dental and lost 15 teeth in the process. Unfortunately the vet found a 
mass on his hind end during the exam.  We are praying it is not cancer, as this boy has been through so
terribly much in his life and is now so happy.  He will be having followup vet care at the end of September
for the mass.  All of this vet care has cost the rescue a small fortunate so far.  We hope you will consider 
making a donation to help this little guy on his journey to joy.



Thank you so much for considering helping our precious little pups!