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Please refer to the Sizing Guide for the type of clothing you are interested in. Different items have different sizing.
All prices INCLUDE SHIPPING!  Proceeds benefit our foster dogs. 
If you have any questions just let us know!

If you don't see what you're looking for, please check back soon.  Our shop items sell very quickly,
but new ones are added regularly. 

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Store Categories:

Bare Paws Calendar
(1 item)

2022 full color calendar of hairless breeds

(8 items)

Fleece coats and cotton waterproof raincoats

Crested Pen
(1 item)

Chinese Crested pens in velveteen drawstring pouches

(6 items)

Chinese Crested decals & stickers

Felt Crested Ornaments
(2 items)

Adorable Crested ornaments with faux fur hair, bling and hanger, approx 4x3"

Felt Cresteds
(5 items)

Adorable little felt artisan-made Cresteds, approx 3" tall

Fleece Pajamas
(5 items)

Warm, comfy fleece pajamas

(3 items)

Cotton or flannel harnesses with wide, secure Velcro closure for easy on and off

(3 items)

Fancy hats for little dogs

Hawaiian Shirts
(4 items)

Cotton tropical shirts with Velcro and high cut tummy

Jersey and Fleece Shirts
(8 items)

Comfy stretch pullover shirts in jersey or fleece

Jersey Pajamas
(1 item)

Lightweight stretch jersey pajamas

Ornament Cards
(8 items)

Greeting cards with detachable foam Crested Ornaments, glittery trim