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Welcome to the Bare Paws Rescue Auction!


To bid on an item, please use the email link at the bottom of each page. Please be sure to include
your full name, item number and bid. By placing a bid, you are committing to purchase the item
for your bid amount if you are the lucky winner. You agree to add $5.00 to the total amount
to help defray the cost of shipping (small items such as jewelry and gift cards do not have
a shipping charge). Please bid in whole dollars, not cents. Bid amounts will be updated on the website
each evening. Auction runs until Sunday August 27th.  Highest bid as of 5:00pm that day wins the item. 
US bidders only please. Thank you so much, and enjoy!

Item #1:  Crested Quilt. This gorgeous work of art, created by Elaine Seaman, is 
spectacular! A beautiful assortment of embroidered Cresteds and gorgeous batik fabrics make this one-of-a-kind
quilt an heirloom treasure. 50x44", tan/cream leaf print on reverse side. (Donated by quilter Elaine Seaman)

Starting bid:  $100.00
Winning bid:  $250.00 KW

Item #2:  Pet Portrait by Artist Cynthia Guerrero
You and the artist will collaborate on a beautiful 10x10" acrylic portrait of your dog.
Choose your colors and style-do you want it natural or are you more adventurous and prefer
vibrant, imaginative colors? The choice is yours! Don't miss out on getting your own original painting of
your baby. This is a wonderful deal as the artist charges $200 for this size original work of art!
(Donated by Cynthia Guerrero)

Starting bid:  $75.00
Winning bid:  $140.00 MAP

Item #3:  Crested Tote Bag. This gorgeous, roomy tote is the perfect bag; straps have a 17" drop so you can
carry it as a cross-body, and it has both an exterior and interior pocket so you can take everything with you in style.
The embroidered Crested is a work of art! 17" x 15" (Donated by Elaine Seaman)

Starting bid:  $35.00
Winning bid:  $40.00 CJ

Item #4:  Chinese Crested TShirt. White short sleeve, V-neck Tshirt with an embroidered Crested
on the front. Fun, one of a kind Tshirt, Size XL. (Donated by Elaine Seaman)

Starting bid:  $25.00
Winning bid:  $30.00 WP

Item #5:  "Fuzzy Nation" Chinese Crested Plush. Fuzzy Nation Cresteds are hard to find, and this one is
gorgeous! So many adorable feature, from the red "hair" to the necklace and patterned "skin", don't miss
out on this rare find! 12" long. (Donated by Jodi Fialkowski)

Starting bid: $35.00
Winning bid:  $35.00 RC

Item #6: Tan Crested Tote Bag. This bag is so unique, from it's shape to the embroidered Crested on the leather
patch and multiple interior pockets. It is the perfect take-everywhere bag! Single wide 17" drop strap makes it very
comfortable to carry as a cross-body. 15"x14" (Donated by Elaine Seaman)

Starting bid:  $35.00
Winning bid:  $45.00 PG

Item #7: Crested Print. An adorable Crested is enjoying a day at the beach in this lovely print. 5x7" print
is matted to 8x10". By (Donated by Digs, Divots & Dogs, Kennebunkport, Maine)

Starting bid:  $15.00
Winning bid:  $25.00 JTF


Item #8:  $25 Visa Gift Card. Donate to a great cause and get the money right back on this Visa gift card!
Such an easy way to give. Great for gifts as well. (Donated by Julie Bartage)

Starting bid:  $20.00 (free shipping)
Winning bid:  $30.00 WP

Item #9:  $25 Visa Gift Card.  Perfect way to donate to charity and get it back on this gift card! More available on next
page. (Donated by Julie Bartage)

Starting bid:  $20.00 (free shipping)
Winning bid:  $30.00 WP

Item #10:  Mummy Print Jersey Pajamas. How fun are these? The mummy eyes glow in the dark! There is also
a cute pumpkin at the neck and sparkly collar and cuffs. Fits top size length 10-11". Spooky and adorable!
(Donated by Adaena Tray)

Starting bid:  $20.00
Winning bid:  $20.00 JK

Item #11:  Bare Paws Rescue Sweatshirt:  This beautiful-quality sweatshirt was made for us by 
Holly of Launch Boutique. Your choice of size from S to 2XL, don't miss your chance to get a piece of Bare
Paws merch! (Donated by Holly Hawkins at launchboutique.com )
Starting bid:  $35.00
Winning bid:  $40.00 WP

Item #12:   Halloween Print Jersey Pajamas:  October is coming, and these jammies are perfect for the whole
spooky season! Cats, ghosts, skeletons and monsters adorn these comfy jammies, and there is even a cute
Frankenstein button at the collar. Top line length 13" (Donated by Couch Pawtatoe www.couchpawtatoe.etsy.com )

Starting bid:  $20.00
Winning bid:  $25.00 EC


The following items are created and donated by artist Tess Allen of Whimsical Wire & Glass.
Each item is a beautiful work of art!

Item #13:   Colorful Chicken:  Black annealed wire with glass beads. Comes with a suction cup hanger. Definitely
whimsical! 4" x 3.5". 

Starting bid:  $20.00

Item #14:  Butterfly. Black annealed wire and glass beads in a rainbow of colors will dazzle in the sun. Suction cup
hanger included. 4.5" x 5".

Starting bid: $30.00

Item #15:  Dragonfly. Copper wire and glass beaded dragonfly with inspirational card. 3" x 2.5", includes suction
cup hanger. 

Starting bid:  $15.00
Winning bid:  $15.00 MS

Item #16:   Hummingbird. A large (4.75") glass hummingbird floats suspended above colorful glass flowers. Stunning!

Starting bid:  $30.00 
Winning bid:  $35.00 WP

Item #17:  Fat Cat. Copper wire with glass heart and inspirational card. Suction cup hanger included. 

Starting bid:  $12.00

Item #18:   Red bird:  Hand-blown red glass bird floats suspended above glass flowers with wire stems and
wood branch. 5" x 5".

Starting bid:  $20.00
Winning bid:  $25.00 WP 

Item #19:   Manatee. Adorable, cheerful manatee made of black annealed wire with colorful glass beads. So cute!
Suction cup hanger included. 

Starting bid:  $22.00  

Item #20:  Garden. Black annealed wire with glass sun, bee, ladybug and flowers; includes inspirational card
and suction cup hanger. So cheery!

Starting bid:  $22.00  

Item #21:  Gray Chinese Crested Tote Bag. This fashionable bag will go everywhere with you! Gray/cream print fabric
features a stunning embroidered Chinese Crested on a leather patch. Multiple interior pockets and a 
comfortable wide strap with 17" drop for cross-body carry. 15" x 14". (Donated by Elaine Seaman)

Starting bid:  $35.00  

Item 22:  Hot Mat and Towel Set: This adorable matching set of one towel and one hot mat store together in the 
pocket on the mat. Ingenious! Cute dog pattern fabrics with a terrycloth towel.
(Donated by Elaine Seaman)

Starting bid:  $15.00
Winning bid:  $20.00 WP

Item 23:  Hot Mat and Towel Set:  Same as above but in shades of yellow and black, cute dog print
(Donated by Elaine Seaman)

Starting bid:  $15.00
Winning bid:  $15.00 KG


Item #24: "Weird is the new normal" pillow cover.  How adorable is this? Zippered cover fits a standard
18" pillow form which you supply. Those little faces will make you smile every day and add a bit of
whimsy to your decor. (Donated by Hair of the Dog Laura)

Starting bid:  $15.00
Winning bid:  $20.00 CJ

Item #25:  Chinese Crested Jute Tote:  Jute and Cotton blend with thick rope handles and woven lightweight straps.
Front of bag is sparkly; cotton inner lining. This is such a unique bag! Meausures 17.5"W x 11.5"H x 8.5"D.
(Donated by Holly Hawkins of Launch Boutique )

Starting bid:  $35.00
Winning bid:  $40.00 WP

Item #26:  Crested keychain, artisan made, embroidered on yellow faux leather with rhinestone sparkle and purse clip, 2"
(Donated by SH)

Starting bid:  $10.00 (free shipping)
Winning bid:  $15.00 MP

Item #27:  Same as above but in red (Donated by SH)

Starting bid:  $10.00 (free shipping)
Winning bid:  $15.00 MP

Item #28:  Chinese Crested book-everything you've ever wanted to know about Chinese Cresteds with full color photos
(Donated by Deborah Jacque-Cohen)
Starting bid:  $10.00

Item #29:  Enamel Chinese Crested Keychain:  Fanciful enamel design is reminiscent of the movie "Coco"! Large clip allows
you to clip your keys to your purse or belt loop so you can always find them!

Starting bid:  $15.00
Winning bid:  $35.00 LF

Item #30:  Stuffed Chinese Crested:  Adorable stuffed Crested comes complete with spotted "skin", fluffy crest, tail
and socks and even a pink ribbon in her hair! 12" long.

Starting bid:  $20.00
Winning bid:  $40.00 CJ

Item #31:  $50 Kohl's Gift Card. Get a jump on your back to school shopping (or splurge on yourself!) with this
$50.00 gift card (Donated by Bill Parr)

Starting bid:  $45.00 (free shipping)
Winning bid:  $50.00 JB

Item #32:  $50 Target Gift Card. Gift cards are the perfect way to help the rescue and then get your money right
back on a gift card! (Donated by Bill Parr)

Starting bid:  $45.00 (free shipping)
Winning bid:  $45.00 KG

Item #33.  First Mate Navy Jacket. Thick navy coat with red trim and gold buttons by Paw Appeal. Satin lining.
Size Medium, 12-16". 

Starting bid:  $10.00
Winning bid:  $10.00 GG


PLEASE NOTE: If you have a problem with the link to place your bid, either try it from a computer/laptop
rather than a phone, or email us your bids at barepawsrescue@yahoo.com 
It is working fine but a couple of people told us it wouldn't open for them. Thank you!


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