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Xoloitzcuintli Breed Info


Xoloitzcuintli (pronounced show-low-eats-QUEEN-tlee), also known as the Mexican Hairless, is one of the oldest,
most primitive dog breeds.  They are quite different from Chinese Cresteds in terms of personality, although
their care is similar.  Commonly called Xolo (show-low), the breed is not a good choice for first time dog owners. 
Xolos can be quite stubborn and strong-willed, so they need a person who will not be manipulated by them and
will offer them structure and guidance. They are smart and sensitive, so only positive reinforcement should ever
be used, and their owner must be consistent with their training.

Socialization is very important for the breed, as they are known to be wary of strangers.  They are also very
protective of their family and make good watchdogs as they will alert you when something is amiss but are
not typically noisy for no reason. They are extremely affectionate with their family and do not like to be alone
for long. When young, they can be destructive if they get bored.  They need both mental and physical stimulation
to be happy.  Xolos are very agile and excel at climbing. Xolos can climb a six foot fence with ease!

Xolos tend to have a high prey drive and will chase any little animal that runs.  Thus they may not be the best
choice for homes with small pets.  Many live happily with cats, though.  They can also be territorial toward other
dogs as well as strangers.  Proper socialization will help alleviate these issues.

Xolos come in three sizes:  Toy, which measure between 10 and 14" tall, Miniature, which are between 14 and 18" tall, 
and Standard, which are between 18 and 23" tall.  Xolos can weigh anywhere from 10 lbs or less up to 50 lbs or more.
They come in 2 varieties, hairless and coated, and can come in pretty much any color or combination of colors.

Xolos are not the right breed for everyone, but they enjoy an extremely devoted following. They are sweet and loyal and
affectionate with their family.  Once you've loved a Xolo, you just might be hooked for life!