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If you have any questions about the breed, need assistance with training issues or just
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(Courtesy Julie Wells)
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Elvis was a beautiful, joyous little dog.  He had spent his
entire life, 3 years, in a hoarder's backyard in a little cage.  
He lived a lonely existence with no love or affection until
he was turned over to our rescue, and his happy new life
began.  He learned about toys, which he absolutely loved,
and soft beds.  His days were filled with running around
exploring all the wonders of his new life of freedom.  You
couldn't find a happier little soul.

Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with heart worm disease
from being unprotected for those 3 years.  He underwent
grueling heart worm treatment and handled it all like a
trooper.  Sadly, treatment is very dangerous, and Elvis
tragically lost his battle against the disease.  

Heart worm disease is painful and nearly always fatal, yet it
is so easy and inexpensive to prevent.  An annual heart
worm test and monthly preventative are all it takes to
protect your dog.  PLEASE don't let your dog face the
dangers of heart worm-keep them on heart worm
preventative.  Elvis's death will not be in vain if people
can learn about the dangers of the disease and make sure
they protect their dogs because of his story.  And that
would make Elvis very happy indeed.
Elvis searching for his favorite toy
Pajama Fundraiser:
Our volunteers make fabulous pajamas just
perfect for your Crested or other small dog.  
100% of proceeds benefit Bare Paws!
Coat Page
Fleece Pajama Page
(Courtesy of Tara Uhnak)
Jersey Pajama Page
Hat Page
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(Courtesy Deb and Ross Kempi)
Sassy and Allie are just two of our
wonderful past foster pups.  They
are living their best lives for sure!
Meet Amy (left).  This beautiful girl spent many years in a
puppy mill, producing repeated litters of puppies. She
lived in a little cage in a barn with no sunlight, no
exercise, and, saddest of all, no affection or love.
Fortunately, she was one of the lucky ones who was
rescued from her situation. But there are still millions of
dogs living hopeless lives in puppy mills. Since the
majority of mills sell their puppies to pet stores, the best
way to put an end to puppy mills is to stop buying
puppies at pet stores. You are not "rescuing" that puppy,
you are creating a larger market for the puppy millers.
Please consider rescue.  Amy was one of the lucky
ones-she got out. Her days are now filled with sunshine.
Please help others who haven't been so lucky-yet.

Amy sadly went to the Rainbow Bridge on 1/19/16. She
enjoyed over 9 years in her loving forever home and
treasured every moment of her new life.
Unlike some rescues, Bare Paws takes in every dog in need that we are able to,
regardless of what they may require. While some rescues will only accept young,
healthy, easily adoptable dogs, Bare Paws has never turned a dog away because
of medical conditions. At right is Zola, who was an older girl, diabetic and requiring
daily insulin shots. She was also nearly blind, but we did not hesitate to take her.
But the veterinary costs for all the special needs dogs we take in can be
astronomical, so donations are always desperately needed and greatly
appreciated. Please use the PayPal link below to make a donation to help the many
special needs dogs that we care for. Thank you!!
Mission Statement
We are a group of individuals who are dedicated to the rescue, care and re-homing of
Chinese Cresteds and other hairless breeds in need. We provide compassionate aid,
veterinary care and loving temporary homes while working on finding the ideal permanent
situation for each dog. We also work to educate the public about the breed so that there may
be fewer Chinese Cresteds needing to come into rescue.
Help us help them!
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