Available Dogs
Pongo is currently learning all about how to be a good boy
in the house.  He had been living in a small pen and so he
has had to learn some new skills. He is a sweet, happy boy,
but he is very skittish. Loud noises, or any unfamiliar noises
for that matter, still frighten him. As such, a home with no
young kids is required as they would be too scary for him.
His foster mom is working with him on things like house
training (he is doing great with it!) and walking on leash,
which he is afraid of. For that reason, a fenced yard is
required for him. A peaceful home, and a person who has
the patience to help him through his fears and help him
blossom, would be best for him. He loves it when his foster
mom sings to him, and he will come and get you when he
feels that you should go to bed with him! He is a 6 year old
hairless boy, and as you can see, he is very handsome! He
weighs about 9 lbs. He is a very nice little guy who can't wait
to see what the future holds for him.
(Pongo is being fostered in DE)
Looking for a super sweet, happy little guy?  Turbo may be just
what you are searching for!  He is an easy-going hairless boy
who gets along with everyone.  He is about 3 years old and
weighs about 10 lbs.
He gets along well with other docile dogs
(he prefers females)
, but he would be happy being the center of
attention, too
, as long as his person was home a lot to keep
him company
. He is not a good match for cats, as he barks at
and chases the one in his foster home. He loves sitting out on
the porch and running around the yard at his foster home.
has lots of energy and needs access to a fenced area where he
can run.
He enjoys a good cuddle and is a very sweet guy! If
you are interested in him, please fill out an application.
(Turbo is being fostered in Western PA)
Tahlullah has been adopted!
Look at this beautiful girl! Zelda is an 18-pound, five-year-old
Chinese Crested/Xoloitzcuintli. She loves to cuddle, but will
also lay independently, especially if tired out after a walk. She
loves to walk and would be a great dog for hiking. She's
doing well with potty training with few accidents and does
best on a schedule. She loves being touched and petted and
just loves attention! She loves her family and is very
affectionate with them, although, as is sometimes typical of
the Xolo breed, she is wary of strangers in her house and
currently needs to be  gated in another room for guests,
although we think the fear of strangers may subside once
she feels more secure. She is currently fearful of men. She's
not a big barker unless she's trying alert you to a perceived
danger (someone at the door, something she sees through
the window, etc.). Outside of the house she accepts female
humans with proper introduction, but she's still fearful and
wants to stay by your side. She is looking for a quiet home
that will understand that she needs time to blossom and gain
She is not fond of other dogs, so she needs to be
the only one.
She would do great in female household where
she can "protect" her people. She is full of love and affection
and just hoping for someone who will see all of her wonderful
traits and help her become the confident dog she was always
meant to be.
Looking for a love bug who wants to be the
center of your universe? Zelda is your girl!

(Zelda is being fostered in Illinois)