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Hi Everybody!  I'm Otto, and I'm not sure how I
came to be back in rescue at this stage in my
life, but I sure hope I find another forever home
in which to spend my golden years! I am a
teenager, they said they don't know for sure
how old and I'm not talking, but I still have so
much love to give.  I'm kind of a little old
man-my vision is not what it used to be, but
don't let that deter you!  Us dogs adapt much
better to these kinds of things than you humans
do.  And my hearing might not be quite what it
used to be, but that just means you can open a
cheese wrapper without me asking you to
share with me!  I potty outside like a good boy.  
My foster mom keeps a belly band on me in the
house just in case.  I get along great with the
other dogs and cats in my foster home.  My
foster mom says I am super sweet, which is
nice to hear! I love sleeping in her big bed with
her.  I just want to cuddle and enjoy life. I hope
someone will see me and fall in love with me,
because I sure want to be someone's special
baby.  Look at my little face. Might it be you??
(Otto is being fostered in northern MD)
Please note:  Fredo is a courtesy posting and is not being adopt through
Bare Paws. He is located in Bloomington, IN.  Please contact his rescue
directly at:

Fredo was seized from a back yard breeder/hoarder situation via a local
humane society. He weighs 12 lbs. Typical for the breed, Fredo has a very
sweet and friendly personality and he like to be with his human as much as
possible. He gets along great with other dogs and he is fine with cats as
well. Having lived in a hoarder type situation being used for breeding, he is
not familiar with a "normal" dog life so he is a bit skittish when placed in a
new environment. However, he learns very quickly and when with the right
patient person who understands his need he adapts very quickly.
Everything is new to Fredo and he can be a bit jumpy initially. He was kept
in a cage all the time so when he is in a crate or in an enclosed space he
spins and sometimes he does that for a short while outside the crate as
well. It is typical behavior for dogs that were used for the sole purpose of
making money.
Fredo is making excellent progress on house training and if he is on a
regular schedule there are no accidents. He has been neutered recently and
we cannot guarantee that he is not going to mark initially when in a new
place. For Fredo we are looking for a calm home with humans who will be
patient with him and understand his needs. Fredo is very smart and very
eager to please his human. He is very very sensitive and bonds strongly
with his human. We would not want for him to go to a home where his
humans would be gone all day as he would become very lonely and
possibly depressed. We would like a fenced in yard for him as he has never
been able to run free and he truly enjoys it. Another dog about his size
would be fine as well, preferably a female. Fredo seems to be afraid of
larger breed dogs so unless it is an older and very gentle dog we rather not
place him in a home with large dogs.
Small children make him nervous so we prefer a home with kids that are at
least 12 years old.

Pleae contact The Nest rescue directly at the email address above
Drum roll please....Here's Bodhi! This little ham is a dream
boy.  We are guessing him to be around 4-5 years old. He
is a super happy little man who does great with other dogs.
He met a kitty briefly and was interested (but not crazy)
over her. Bodhi does well with older respectful children.
His dream home would include another pup to play and
cuddle with, and an environment where someone is home
a lot, as he loves to be active with you. Due his energy
level, a home with a fenced yard is preferred. He is
house-trained, sleeps in the big bed under the covers and
is an overall little love bug!  
(Bodhi is being fostered in eastern PA)
  Taye—13 years old, Chinese
  Coco—8 years old, Min.
  Vaccinated, Microchip
  Special Needs
Contact Luna’s House
 Bonded Pair
 Housebroken
 Low/Medium Energy
 Both love to cuddle with
 Both love to give kisses
 Coco likes to play fetch
 Experience with Chinese
Crested skincare helpful
Taye—13 years old, Chinese Crested
  Coco—8 years old, Min. Pinscher
  Vaccinated, Microchip
  Special Needs
Contact Luna’s House
***PLEASE NOTE:  Taye and Coco
are a courtesy posting. They are
not being adopted through Bare
Paws Rescue.  They are located i8n
Edgewood, MD.  If you are
interested in adopting them, please
contact Luna's House directly at