Bare Paws Rescue Fundraiser Auction
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Item #31: Purple Paw Heart

Purple paw and silver heart  
adorn this lovely necklace,
perfect for all dog lovers!
Chain is adjustable from
(Donated by JK)

Starting bid:  $7.00
Item #33:  Travel Water Bowl

The ingenious design of this
bowl allows your dog to have
access to fresh water while in a
moving vehicle without the
water spilling!  Perfect for
RVers and others on the go!
(Donated by SH)

Starting bid:  $7.00
(Please remember that by placing a bid, you agree to add $5.00 to the final bid to help defray the cost of
shipping on any item other than gift cards or jewelry. .  ***International bidders, please contact us before
bidding Thank you!  Bidding form is at the bottom of each page. Auction ends on August 29th at 7:00pm.
Don't miss out!
Auction ends on August 29th. Highest bid
as of 7:00pm Eastern on that date wins the
item, so don't miss out!
(Please note:  Depending on your browser,
you may receive a notice saying you are
being redirected to a different location
when you place your bid. If you do, please
choose "Yes" and you will then be taken to
the bid confirmation page)
Item #30:  Pirate Skull Dog

Your dog will be the center of
attention in these darling
denim overalls with a skull
pirate on the back.  Button
details add to the charm.  16"
(Donated by Holly Hawkins)

Starting bid:  $15.00

Winning bid:  $15.00 LS
Item #29: DogTown, Tales of Rescue,
Rehabilitation and Redemption
Another wonderful book from DogTown,
also benefitting Best Friends Animal
Sanctuary.  Heartwarming tales that
benefit this terrific sanctuary.
(Donated by LR)

Starting Bid:  $15.00
Item #49: Purple Paw Lanyard

Display your credentials and your
love of dogs at the same time!  
Lanyard comes in a pretty gift box.
(Donated by JK)

Starting bid:  $5.00

Winning bid:  $5.00 PP
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Item #34:  "Adidog" Sweatshirt

For the dog on the go comes
this adorable hot pink Adidog
sweatshirt.  Your pup will love
snuggling in this super soft
shirt. Size M, 10" long, 16"

Starting bid:  $8.00

Winning bid:  $8.00 DW
Item #35: Multicolor Harness

This is such a pretty harness.  
Lovely multicolor striped nylon
webbing adjusts to fit chest
sizes 10-16".
(Donated by Belle Soprano)

Starting bid:  $5.00

Winning bid:  $10.00 JA
Item #47: Weather Master

We all know that little dogs
don't like to go out in the
rain! Keep your baby dry
and happy in this bright
yellow, water repellant
rainsuit.  14" length

Starting bid:  $15.00
Item #50:  Premium Seatbelt

Keep your dog safe and
secure with this Premium
Seatbelt Harness from Petco.
Size Large (Neck: 18-30",
Chest 24-34", Weight 50-80
lbs).  Black.
(Donated by Belle Soprano)

Starting bid:  $10.00
Item #27: Reversible Nordic Coat with Cold

This is one of the nicest-quality coats we
have seen.  Thick and super warm, it has a
nordic knit top and weather resistant hot
pink body. Built-in cold indicator will keep
you informed when temps are too cold for
your pup. Reverses to all pink.  Hood with
faux fur trim. Size M, 13".
(Donated by Lynette Snell)

Starting Bid:  $20.00

Winning bid:  $25.00 PP
Item #32: Purple Paw Love

Another lovely necklace with a
'Love' disc and paw charm with
pretty purple crystals.  Chain
adjusts from 18-22"
(Donated by JK)

Starting bid:  $7.00

Winning bid:  $7.00 TM
Item #53:  Gingerbread Leash
and Martingale Collar Set

Martingale collars will tighten
when a dog pulls on a lead,
gently teaching the dog not to
pull while also helping prevent
dogs from backing out of their
collar.  Nylon adorned with little
gingerbread men. Adjustable
collar fits up to a 12" neck.
(Donated in memory of Nemo)

Starting bid:  $15.00

Winning bid:  $16.00 LF
Item #52:  Ruffle Jammies

Be the very first to own a pair of
our new pajama design.  It's the
same wonderful jersey pajama
you all know and love, but with a
ruffle across the bottom for the
girlie girl!  This one is adorned
with tiny skulls and hearts.
Winning bidder will have choice
of Size small (13"), Medium (15")
or Large (17")

Starting bid:  $20.00

Winning bid:  $30.00 DM
Item #36: Adidog Track Suit

This is such an adorable little
suit!  Cute and sporty and
perfect for fall.  16" long.
(Donated by Holly Hawkins)

Starting bid:  $10.00

Winning bid:  $25.00 DW
Item #37:  Gray Lacy Dress

This is one of the most girlie,
fabulous dresses you will
find.!  Gorgeous shade of
gray with a bit of shimmer,
ribbons and rosebuds add to
the divine flair of this dress!  
11" long.
(Donated by Holly Hawkins)

Starting bid:  $15.00

Winning bid:  $15.00 SH
If you have trouble getting the bidding form to go through,
CLICK HERE to email your bid.  Please be sure to
include your name and item number with your bid.  Thank you!
Item #38: Navy Dotted Dress

Another beautiful little dress!
Dots and ribbons and
ruffles, oh my!  15.5" length.
(Donated by Holly Hawkins)

Starting bid: $12.00
Item #39:  Star Wars Dress

This adorable little dress is
perfect for Star Wars fans!  
Cute design asks "Aren't you
a little short for a
Stormtrooper?"  Size XL, 16"

Starting bid:  $8.00
Item #40:  Sequined Pumpkin

Be ready for Halloween with
this adorable little sequined
pumpkin dress. Cute little
bow at the shoulder with
striped spaghetti straps and
skirt.  Size M, 11" long

Starting bid:  $10.00
Item #41:  Devil Halloween Set

Let the world know that your
dog is a little devil with this
cute tie and horns set for
small dogs. Adjustable horns

Starting bid:  $7.00
Item #59:  Ladies Flannel Pajamas

Festive flannel pajamas are
adorned with little reindeer and
trimmed in red.  Adorned with a
white satin ribbon ready for
gifting, or keep this comfy set for
yourself!  Size Large.

Starting bid:  $15.00

Winning bid:  $15.00 TM
Item #42:  Chinese Crested Socks

These beautiful-quality socks
have sweet pictures of hairless
Cresteds on one side and
Powderpuffs on the other.

Starting bid:  $10.00

Winning bid:  $20.00 KT
Item #28:  "Dog Tips from Dogtown
A Relationship Manual for You and Your
Dog" Book

You will cherish this wonderful book, not
to mention that a portion of the proceeds
benefits Best Friends Animal Sanctuary!  
Double the goodness!
(Donated by LR)

Starting bid:  $15.00
Item #48:  Kermit Sweater

Muppet lovers unite!  This little
Kermit sweater is so cheerful
and will put a smile on your
face every time your dog
sports it!  Size M, 12"

Starting bid:  $8.00

Winning bid:  $10.00 LS
Item #54:  Galaxy Bead Necklace

This spectacular piece of glass
artwork is created with fine glass
with pure silver in the core of the
bead. Embellished with sterling
silver components, it is
suspended on a box-link Italian
sterling silver 18" chain.  Each of
these glass pieces is a one of a
kind work of art. Donated by
Classy Glass.

Starting bid:  $75.00

Winning bid:  $75.00 WP
Item #55:  Cylindrical Bead Necklace

Cylindrical shaped bead is made
with a white opaque glass base,
then covered in beautiful purple
glass shards. The shards are melted
until they start to 'move' and
transform the glass. Embellished
with pewter and silver plate
findings, with a 20" snake chain.
The artist says the color is much
more vibrant than shown in the
photo.  Another beautiful work of art
donated by
JJ's Classy Glass.

Starting bid:  $50.00

Winning bid:  $50.00 WP
Item #51:  "Bone Apetito"

"Bone Apetito! Recipes for People
and The Pets They Love"
cookbook.  Spiral bound soft
cover, 82 pages.
(Donated by Belle Soprano)

Starting bid: $9.00
Item #60:  Plaid Hoodie

Sweet soft jersey hoodie in a
bright pink and black plaid print.  
Velcro  closure, Size S, 10.5"
(Donated by Lynette Snell)

Starting bid:  $10.00
Item #57:  Zuki Originals Dress

This little dress is just darling!  
The details are beautiful and
unique.  Any little girl dog would
be proud to model this lovely
Top line 12", chest 15"
(Donated by
Zuki Originals)

Starting bid:  $20.00

Winning bid:  $20.00 SF
Item #56:  Zuki Originals Paisley
Butterflies Jammie Dress

This jammie dress is warm and
stylish. Your pup will enjoy
wearing this all fall and winter.  
Great for dogs who are not big
fans of pajamas but still want to
be warm and comfortable.  So
pretty! Top line 12.5"
(Donated by
Zuki Originals)

Starting bid:  $20.00
Item #58:  Zuki Originals
Collared Shirt

Last, but not least, from Zuki
Originals is this patriotic little
dog shirt.  Flag fabric is adorned
with little star buttons.  Velcro
closure.  High cut on the tummy
to accommodate boy dogs. 14"
long, 18" chest.
(Donated by
Zuki Originals)

Starting bid:  $15.00
Item #43:  Crested List Pad with

Magnetic list pad features an
assortment of cute little
Cresteds at the top of each
page.  Comes with a magnetic

Starting bid:  $5.00

Winning bid:  $5.00 PP
Item #61:  Sara England Crested

Everybody goes crazy for these
prints every time we are lucky
enough to have one!  This
whimsical print features three
Cresteds bathing in a claw foot
tub...and one of them is wearing
snorkel gear!  Hand-signed by
the artist, 11x14, matted.

Starting bid:  $45.00

Winning bid:  $60.00 ST
Item #44:  Chihuahua Car
Coaster #1

This is such a useful item.  
Ceramic car coaster fits in your
car's cup holder and absorbs
moisture, preventing a puddle.  
Plus it is just darn cute!

Starting bid:  $9.00

Winning bid:  $10.00 PP
Item #45:  Chihuahua Car
Coaster #2

Same as above, but this one
features a tan and white
Chihuahua.  Functional and
adorable. What else could you
ask for??

Starting bid:  $9.00
Item #46:  Chinese Crested

Cute magnet featuring a lovely
hairless Crested, 2x3".

Starting bid:  $5.00

Winning bid:  $6.00 RN
Item #62:  Powderpuff Cresteds

We can't forget the powderpuff
kids!  "Divas" by Margaret
Sweeney, has 4 beautiful puffs
lounging-what else?-on a
fabulous antique sofa.  So
unique!  11x14" with mat.

Starting bid:  $25.00
Item #63:  White Powderpuff

A lovely white powderpuff
Crested watches butterflies in
this charming print. Museum
quality ink on rag fine art paper
Hand signed by the artist, L.A.
Shepard.  8.5x11"

Starting bid:  $12.00
Item #64:  HUGE Chihuahua Print

This abstract oil painting on
canvas Chihuahua print is a
HUGE 4 feet by 4 feet!  It captures
the special Chihuahua
expression so well.  Beautiful
quality. What a spectacular
addition to any room.
(Please note:  Print is NOT
framed or mounted. It will arrive
rolled in a tube). Retail $240.00
(Donated by Jo-Ann Pennington)

Starting bid:  $100.00
Item #65:  Sam and Lucy

Beautiful Swarovski glass
pearls and antiqued silver
accents make this piece truly
stunning.  One size fits all.
(Donated by
Sam and Lucy

Starting bid:  $40.00

Winning bid:  $40.00 WP
Item #66:  Chinese Crested
Fleece Jacket

This is a spectacular one of a
kind jacket.  Soft berber fleece is
embroidered with a gorgeous,
large Chinese Crested piece of
art on the back and a paw print
on the front.  Zip front. Size
Large.  Simply stunning!
(Designed and donated by Hair
of the Dog by Laura)

Starting bid:  $40.00

Winning bid:  $65.00 KT
Item #67:  Belly Bands

Set of 4 belly bands are cotton lined
with flannel with a layer of batting for
absorbency.  Adorable patterns, fit
boy dogs with waist measurement
between 15-17". Velcro closure.
(Donated by Hair of the Dog by Laura)

Starting bid:  $10.00

Winning bid:  $10.00 AG
Item #68:  Dog Gift Basket

Wow! This basket is chock full of items
your dog will love!  Basket includes:
No-hide Salmon Roll, Tripe Twist,
Peanut Butter Cookies, Liver Cookies,
Canine Rounds, Glucosamine Bits,
Lamb Roll, Cod Skin, Knuckle Dog
Bone, Peanut Butter Filled Bone, Cow
Hook, a rope toy, doggie tennis a $25 gift certificate,
redeemable by mail order through the
Paws & Claws Bakery website in
Bellingham, MA. Your dog will be in
heaven if you win this wonderful prize!
(Donated by Larry Sposato)

Starting bid:  $50.00

Winning bid:  $55.00 PP
Item #76:  Black Studded Collar

Little dogs will look so cute in
this studded collar.  Black
leather-style with gold studs, fits
necks up to 10". 1.5" at widest
point (narrows in throat area for
comfort). Even if your tiny dog is
not too tough, they can still look
like it!
(Donated by Lynette Snell)

Starting bid:  $10.00
Item #69:  Navy Print Leggings

A pretty pattern adorns these
leggins.  We're not sure what you
would call it, other than lovely!  One
size fits most Average sizes. Nylon.
(Donated by Holly Hawkins)

Staring bid:  $10.00
Item #77:  Silver Studded Collar

Same as above, but in silver
with silver studs.  Fits necks up
to 10".  1.5" wide at widest
poing (narrows in throat area for
comfort).  These collars will get
comments everywhere you go!
(Donated by Lynette Snell)

Starting bid:  $10.00
Item #70:  Berry Coat

This cute little coat is perfect for
fall.  Lovely berry color with belt,
collar and pockets makes this a
very stylish addition to your dog's
wardrobe!. 10" length.
(Donated by Holly Hawkins)

Starting bid:  $8.00
Item #78:  Pink Socks

Cold weather is coming and your
dog will appreciate these socks.  
Rubberized tread on bottom
helps with icy surfaces.  Also can
be used for dogs with mobility
problems on slippery floors.  Fits
paws up to 1.5"
(Donated by Lynette Snell)

Starting bid:  $5.00

Winning bid:  $5.00 LF
Item #71:  Hounds tooth Leggings

This red and black hounds tooth
patterned pair of leggings is
perfect for fall.  Toss on an
oversized shirt and you are good
to go!  One size fits most Average
sizes.  Nylon.
(Donated by Holly Hawkins)

Starting bid:  $8.00

Winning bid:  $12.00 KT
Item #79:  Plaid Pashmina

Pretty plaid pashmina is
lightweight and stylish. It would
look great with a turtleneck and
jeans or a dress. So versatile!
(Donated by Holly Hawkins)

Starting bid:  $10.00
Item #72:  Black Nordic Coat
with Cold Indicator

Yes we have another one of
these beautiful-quality coats.
This one in black with knit
Nordic print and faux-fur
trimmed hood.  Built-in cold
indicator lets you know if it's too
cold for your pup. 12" length.
(Donated by Lynette Snell)

Starting bid:  $20.00
Item #80:  Black Patent Dog Sandals

These are so darn cute!  Little black
patent dog sandals are adorned
with iridescent flowers and
rhinestones.  Velcro ankle straps.
Size Medium, fit 2" paws.
(Donated by Lynette Snell)

Starting bid:  $10.00

Winning bid:  $10.00 SH
Item #73:  Gray Puffer Coat with
Cold Indicator

This one is super puffy and
warm.  Built-in cold indicator
keeps you aware of the cold
danger to your dog.  Pocket lets
your dog take along his favorite
items! Hood snaps to back when
not in use if desired.  12" length.
(Donated by Lynette Snell)

Starting bid:  $20.00

Winning bid:  $40.00 CF
Item #81:  Reflective Quilted Boots

These are the perfect little boots for
foul weather.  Quilted water-resistant
fabric has reflective strips for safety
and soft, plush faux-fur lining.  
Rubberized soles help with slippery
conditions.  Fits 2.5" paws.
(Donated by Lynette Snell)

Starting bid:  $10.00
Item #82:  Black Leather Billfold

Black leather men's billfold.  If you've
been needing a new one, grab this
and help rescue dogs in the process!
(Donated by Holly Hawkins)

Starting bid:  $10.00
Item #74:  Black and White
Polka Dot Wrap

Lightweight wrap will add a bit
warmth on a cool evening or
just for fashion!  One Size fits all.
(Donated by Holly Hawkins)

Starting bid:  $10.00
Item #83:  "Chopper" Gloves

Very cool black gloves!  Or
should we say very warm?  Size
(Donated by Holly Hawkins)

Starting bid:  $5.00
Item #84:  Rain Jacket

This little jacket has such a
unique style.  Khaki colored on
one side reverses to shades of
blue striping with a little pocket
on the other. Grommets on the
trim just add to the fun look.
9" long, 16" chest.
(Donated by Holly Hawkins)

Starting bid:  $12.00
Item #75:  Olive Jacket

This cute little zippered jacket
has striped hood that can be
tied under the chin.  Adorable!
12" length.
(Donated by Holly Hawkins)

Starting bid:  $10.00
Item #85:  Essential Oils Collection

The items in this collection could really benefit
your dog's well-being-and can be used by
humans, too!  Set includes:
Paw Balm:  For use on dry paw pads or
elbows/hands. Winter is coming! 3.3 oz.
Calming mist:  Chamomile and lavender spray can
help ease tension.  Mist on your furbaby when
they are anxious or over-excited.  People can also
use it, especially wonderful at bedtime to help with
sleep. 2 oz.
Ease: Rub a few drops where needed-their sore
joints or yours!  Coconut, Frankincense,
Peppermint, Ginger and Vetiver Oil.  .5 oz.
Stinky Furbaby Spray D-Funk: Lavender, Orange,
Peppermint, and Eucalyptus oils in distilled water
will leave your pup smelling fresh and clean! Can
also spritz a bit in the air for a room freshener. 2 oz.
(Donated by Tina D'Asti of My Pura Vida)

Starting bid:  $35.00

Winning bid:  $35.00 LS